Review: Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson #9) – Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson is one of the few long running series – other than Jane Yellowrock – that I feel is super easy to fall back into after absence. Seriously, one page in and Mercy and Adam have hung arms around my shoulders and been all “Hey girl, welcome back”. Ugh, you guys. Stahp!

But, wait. What is that?


Can you feel it?

Because it’s coming. Via troll.

At least, that’s how this one begins. With a troll. Heralding an escalation of the tensions between werewolves, fae and humans. Backing Mercy, Adam into a corner where they must choose to protect a child or risk war with the fae and denouncement of the Marrock (werewolf boss man). Power plays on power plays on power plays.

Of course, Mercy being Mercy, and Adam being Adam, they will never compromise on what is right, and so to hell with the outcome, protect the child they shall.

Patricia Briggs has been incredibly consistent with Mercy and Adam. Of course there is character development, there has to be. But, she has never overtly changed them. They are the same unwavering, good, funny and smart-ass characters that they have always been. And, I just love them to bits.

And,whilst I felt like this story took a little while to ‘get to the point’ due to some necessary politicking by all, I absolutely adore the quest or adventure aspect along with the inclusion of all of my favourite supernaturals (except the troll – yukky). It was especially nice to spend some quality time with perennial cranky-pants and total bad-ass, Zee.

Fire Touched is a prime Mercy Thompson adventure, just waiting to be consumed in all its supernatural glory.

Four Stars.


I received an advanced reading copy of Fire Touched from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 


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