Crucible Zero – Devon Monk (House Immortal III)

Disclaimer – I was provided with a copy of this book via the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

Crucible Zero is the third and final installment into the House Immortal series by Devon Monk.

Book I in the series introduced us to Matilda Case, who, as a child, became so sick that her brother transferred her (consciousness?)  into the ‘stitched’ body of a young girl who had been in a coma since the Wings of Mercury experiment conducted by her great great grandfather 200 years ago.

The 12 ‘stitched‘ immortal beings known as Galvanized, also survivors of the same failed experiment, are effectively owned by the 12 houses who rule the world. Matilda Case, being the 13th and last of these awakened beings would be extremely sought after if the Houses knew of her existence – which, they don’t. That is of course, until Abraham Seventh, Galvanized of House Grey arrives, bleeding on her doorstep.

Picture the Galvanized kind of like Frankenstein type people – but better looking. It helps with the imagery.

Matilda and her two headed mutant farm hand Neds are thereby lured into the world of the scheming Houses and nefarious plans of one Head of House who craves immortality, power, and the downfall of the Galvanized. We spend the first two books of the series into Chicago and across North America, always working towards understanding the real results from the Wings of Mercury experiment, and stopping Slater Orange for good.

Crucible Zero begins where Liberty Bell (Book II) ended, where Matilda – who went back in time to change the outcome of the Wings of Mercury experiment – has now landed in an alternate reality. All her friends and allies from her true time are dead, and to make matters worse, a time shift has remained – one that allows Slater Orange to continue hunting her.


If I can find that, track these ripples, maybe I can find you, Matilda. Before he kills you. 


Matilda must convince her new ‘old’ friends in this reality to help her destroy the final piece of the Wings of Mercury experiment, wipe out Slater Orange, and save the world.


My going back in time was supposed to save the world. And it had. But it had also changed it. 


Pretty much my only criticism is with the pacing. we jumped from every major event, straight into another at a run, including the love story, which I found aspects of the former difficult to follow and the latter difficult to believe. And, whilst I enjoyed the direction this series took, it was a shame to lose the connection with certain characters which had developed through the tow prior books – also, the reason I had a hard time believing the love story in this one.

I do feel, however, that the series wrapped up as well as it could have – though, who the hell owned the jacket Abraham gave Tilly?? I smell a spinoff.

3.5 Stars for Crucible Zero.


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